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Naoyoshi KACHI

Who am I

E-mail: ggwu at kachigo.com


-BA of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan (2004)
-MA of Mechanical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan (2006)
-Ph.D. of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan (2010)

[1] N.D. Kachi, A. Otaka, S. Sim, Y. Kuwana, Y. Tamada, J. Sunaga, T. Adachi and N. Tomita, Observation of chondrocyte aggregate formation and internal structure on micropatterned fibroin-coated surface, Biomed. Mater. Eng. 20(1) (2010), 55-63.
[2] N. Kachi and N. Tomita, Preparation and evaluation of cell aggregates for tissue regeneration, Jap. J. Clinical Biomech. 27 (2006), 83-88.
[3] N. Kachi, N. Tomita, K. Yamamoto, R. Takaya and Y. Tamada, Tribological maturation of regenerated cartilage was inhibited by using chondrocyte aggregates, J. Biomech. Sci. Eng. 4 (2009), 174-181.
[4] N. Kachi, N. Nishio and T. Tezuka, Science and technology communication through interviews with researchers, Jap. J. Sci. Communication 7 (2010), 135-143.
[5] N. Miyano, E. Okamoto, N. Kachi and Y. Yamamoto, The outcome of the workshop for new graduate students for higher motivation of research, Jap. Soc. Sci. Edu. 34(2) (2010), 167-176.

Conference presentations:
[1] N. Kachi, Tomita N. The 2nd Asian Pacific Conferences on Biomechanics, Taipei, Taiwan (2005).
[2] Kachi N, Tomita N. The 28th Japanese Society for Biomaterials, Kyoto, Japan (2005).
[3] Symposium of Science Visualization Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan (2008).
[4] Biz Cafe in Sapporo, Japan (2008).

Other Remarks
[1] Almni of Program for Global Leaders in Advanced Engineering and Phamaceutic Sciences, Kyoto University (2009).
[2] Organizing Committee, 10th Doctoral Students Conference, Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), Kyoto, Japan (2009).
[3] Organizing Committee, Innovation Dialog, Venture Business Laboratory, Kyoto University (2009).
[4] ASTEM Foundation co-researcher (Development of Quick and Easy Cell Culture Simulation Tool) (2009).
[5] Organizing Committee, Global Entrepreneurship Dialog, Venture Business Laboratory, Kyoto University, Japan (2009).
[6] General Chair, 21st Century COE Program Doctoral Conference, Kyoto University, Japan (2007).

My Activities

Conference reception in Arabian style

Aikido practice in Arabian style

Watching body-building competition

Business trip in Dubai

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